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2011-2012 Catalog 
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

About NTCC


Mission Statement

Northeast Texas Community College exists to provide responsible, exemplary learning opportunities.


Northeast Texas Community College is poised and ready to help our region meet the challenges of a changing world. The delivery of superior instruction, training and services steadily improve our communities educationally, economically, culturally and ecologically. NTCC is a model of good stewardship of financial, structural and natural resources, dedicated to assisting students as they achieve their personal hopes and dreams and ambitions.


  • Students are our priority
  • In all things - excellence
  • Act with integrity
  • Preserve the strength of the general education core curriculum
  • Build in a sustainable manner
  • Care for the earth and our natural resources


  1. Enhancing High Quality Learning Opportunities
  2. Assuring Student Success
  3. Providing Access and Support of the Educational Mission
  4. Building Regional, State, and National Economic Vitality
  5. Living in Community
  6. Maintaining Fiscal Stability
  7. Preserving Our Heritage 


1. Enhancing High Quality Learning Opportunities 
NTCC will improve its core strength - instructional excellence - to ensure every student has the opportunity to achieve their personal, career and life goals.



Provide a purposeful and comprehensive education that preparess students for satisfying and productive lifestyles, and work and civic participation.

  1.2 Deliver healty and viable instructional programs
  1.3 Provide talented & engaged faculty
  1.4 Provide engaging co/extracurricular learning activities
  1.5 NTCC  will build an on-campus institutional culture focused on fundamental literacy (reading, writing, math, and critical thinking)


2.  Assuring Student Success 
NTCC will help students realize their goals, achieve proficiency in their desired field of study, and acquire the personal & intellectual habits and understanding needed to be good citizens.



Assure student learning is the center of the instructional and student services programs
College Readiness
Foster a climate of intellectual expectation, personal growth, and achievement
Provide an effective set of student and academic support services that can be accessed by both distance and on-campus students.
Assess student success through the use of data driven strategies.


3.  Providing Access and Support of the Educational Mission 
NTCC will develop and maintain innovative and/or proven strategies to encourage students to pursue and achieve their educational goals.



3.5 3.6

Convenient, accurate, and responsive college services
Make available the first year of college before high school graduation
Preserve NTCC’s affordability
Make available adequate supply of safe, comfortable student housing to support programs of study which draw people from outside the area
Make optimum use of the digital community
Provide accurate, timely, and courteous services to students and the community-at-large


4.  Building Regional, State and National Economic Vitality 
NTCC promotes lasting economic vitality by providing programs and services which develop skills required in the knowledge-based workplace.


Develop and enhance programs targeted to meet service area workforce needs.
Develop and enhance programs intended for state or national draw.


5.  Living in Community
NTCC promotes the ideal that individuals reach their full potential through activities and practices that encourage consideration for and involvement with others.

5.7 5.8 5.9 5.10

Improve communication across the College
Respect the diversity of our community
Preserve a close-knit community        
Promote good citizenship
Encourage community fitness
Protect the campus community
Become an environmentally-friendly community
Preserve and enhance the quality of life for our community
Conserve College facilities
Engage the broader community                                                                                   


6.  Maintaining Fiscal Stability /Transparency
NTCC maintains fiscal stability to support a quality learning and working environment for students and staff.
Build and maintain adequate institutional reserves
Improve budget planning process
Foster revenue enhancement
Highlight accountability


7.  Preserving Our Heritage
NTCC will develop and implement plans to assure the preservation of the college’s highest value – excellence – during the generational transition caused by the eventual retirements of original faculty and staff.
Revise employment practices
Recognize achievement
Preserve the NTCC story
Develop and preserve the NTCC brand