Jul 20, 2018  
2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing - Associate Degree Nursing, A.A.S.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Kathleen Ethridge • 903-434-8284; (kethridge@ntcc.edu); Lisa McCuller • 903-434-8287 (lmcculler@ntcc.edu); Irene Richardson • 903-434-8303 (irichardson@ntcc.edu); Tonya Taylor • 903-434-8317 (ttaylor@ntcc.edu); Cynthia Amerson • 903-434-8282 (camerson@ntcc.edu); Chrystal Brown • 903-434-8302 (cbrown@ntcc.edu); Jennifer Wilson • 903-434-8391 (jwilson@ntcc.edu)

Program Requirements

General Education Requirements (37 Credit Hours)

Composition: 3 Hours

one course

Mathematics: 3 Hours

one course from the following

Natural Sciences: 19 Hours

five courses

Humanities: 3 Hours

one course from the following

Social and Behavioral Sciences: 6 Hours

two courses

Speech: 3 Hours

one course from the following

Total Required - 72 Credit Hours


♦ Designates a prerequisite course that must be completed prior to application.

Courses within the Nursing Department are required in a specific sequence and are only offered once a year. Some course work is offered online or in a hybrid format. Please see an advisor for a guideline on sequence and timing of course work.

Nursing has selective admissions. HESI A2 exam must be taken and application received by March 15th prior to the fall start date. For more information, please see the Nursing Department website at  www.ntcc.edu/index.php.